Calabria International Piano Competition

Calabria International Piano Competition

Results CIPC 2023


Master Interpreter

Candidate Score Prize
Grande Giancarlo (link video) 96 First prize (ex aequo) – 500€ + concerts
Cecino Vera (link video) 96 First prize (ex aequo) – 500€ + concerts
Uiin Cheon 95 First prize
Kang Gwanwoo 92 First prize
Min Michael 92 First prize
Neto Mendes Pedro Simao 92 First prize
Fonte Vera 88 Second prize
Freinburger Pietro 86 Second prize
Moreira Costa Joao Paulo 86 Second prize
Bozzarello Alessia 83 Second prize
Nucera Giuseppe Antonio 72 Third prize
Cvetkovic Kristian 71 Third prize
Aleo Gabriele 70 Third prize
Romanul Myron 68 Mention Diploma

Category D

Candidate Score Prize
Pedro Filipe Teixeira (link video) 97 First prize – 150€
Barbagallo Mattia 96 First prize
Mateus Gomes Lourenço Filipe 94 First prize
Di Cecca Andrea 90 First prize
Da Costa Cardoso Antonio 79 Third prize


Category C

Candidate Score Prize
Maria Amaral Bastos (link video) 97 First prize – 150€
Kornkanya Charoensiddhi 95 First prize
Lia Castro Magalhaes 94 First prize
Lorenzo Pietro Caristia 93 First prize
Asa Rachman Miller 90 First prize
Simone Cassano 90 First prize
Lonardo Mortelliti 80 Second prize
Alberto Salemi 80 Second prize


Category B

Candidate Score Prize
Chimirri Beatrice (link video) 99 First absolute prize – 100€
Caliciuri Angela 97 First prize
Xinyu Li 97 First prize
Dzieza Aleksandra 96 First prize
Lya Azul Nunez 88 Second prize
Mottola Andrea 80 Second prize
Cretella Silvia 80 Second prize
Colloca Patrycia 80 Second prize


Category A

Candidate Score Prize
Liepa Žadeikaitė (link video) 100 First absolute prize – 100€
David Enasoaie 97 First prize
Joana Santos Sousa 95 First prize
Gabrieleantonio Leone 93 First prize


Category Junior

Candidate Score Prize
Elvira Garces Guerrero (link video) 100 First aboslute prize


This list includes only those candidates who received a score of 60/100 or higher. All others not on the list are understood to be non-awarded and therefore scored below 59/100.

We inform all candidates awarded with cash prizes that they will be contacted shortly by the secretariat for payment procedures.

All other award-winning candidates will receive their diplomas via e-mail in the coming weeks.